Web Commerce becomes a degree

Carnegie Mellon University now offers a master's degree in Web commerce for those students who want to do business on the World Wide Web.

Courses will be equally divided from its school of computer science (rated as one of the best in the nation) and its business school.

"All you have to do is look at the market these days to know there is a lot of interest in electronic commerce," said Charles Hickman, director of projects and services for Management Education, which accredits North American Business schools. "It makes a lot of sense that this is an area CMU would decide to focus on."

Carnegie Mellon's program will offer about two dozen courses, half which are new or substantially revamped. Other business schools offer courses and concentrations in electronic commerce, but Hickman said that Carnegie Mellon is the first to offer a degree program in it.

Close to 100 persons have applied for the yearlong program, and around 40 are expected to enroll.