Vivid's Meggan Mallone: Strictly Conversation

MARINA DEL REY, Calif. – Meggan Mallone is the newest addition to Vivid Entertainment's famous roster of exclusive contract girls, and the 21-year-old Texan is already gearing up for her whirlwind introduction to the public. She apologizes for her slightly husky tones, saying, "Sorry if my voice is cracked. I've been a little sick today."

It's just a cold, and nothing to worry about, she says.

Mallone's entry to the business was fairly direct, but she says it was all matter of good fortune. "I met an agent here in L.A. named John Stevens who introduced me to a photographer named Michael Bisco," she says. "He sent my shots to the people at Vivid and I went to a meeting there with Steven Hirsch who ended up signing me. It was really just all luck."

Still a relative babe-in-the-woods, Mallone has already been in two big projects for the company. "I've only been doing this for about four months," she says. "I've shot two movies for Vivid already, I don't think they're out yet though. The first one I shot is called Strictly Conversation. The second one I shot is called 21 Questions. Both were directed by Paul Thomas. He's so much fun to work with."

The starlet, while new to the world of video porn, was not completely without experience before signing with Vivid.

"I had done some Internet content for a few smaller sites here in L.A. before I got into the whole big industry thing," she says. "Then I went to the [AEE] convention and to the Vivid booth where I kind of learned about the company. Before that, I just sort of kept things small…the sort of things girls do when they start out. Stuff like solos and things like that."

Mallone, who has just moved to Los Angeles from Texas, says she's enjoying the Southland, but admits is something she's not accustomed to. "I'm originally from Houston, Texas," she says. "I've only been here in Los Angeles for about a month now. It's a culture shock. It's beautiful out here. I'm right by the marina. It's great. I'm right by the water."

One of the things Mallone says she loves best about her new home is the food. "I love all the restaurants here," she says. "I like Pink Berry and all the places they don't have at home." She also sheepishly admits a newfound love for that most feminine of habits, shopping. "I recently found out that I have a huge shopping problem," she jokes.

As far as her career goes, Mallone says it couldn't be better. "It's going great," she says. "I'll be shooting another movie later this week. The company's still deciding on the title, but I've read the script and it's really good."

Mallone also hints that Vivid has something special in the works. "It's sort of like a comedy tour." she says. "We're getting that all ready. It's going to be awesome. I don't think I'll be telling jokes, but we'll have a comedian interacting with the girls. It'll also be on YouTube and the radio, I think. It's going to be a lot of fun."

Compared to some of the stuff we've seen on YouTube recently, this might be something worth watching.