Vivid Unveils Sammie Spades Scene Prior to DVD Release

LOS ANGELES—A full-length explicit scene from the upcoming parody, Sammie Spades is the Backdoor Intern, is available on starting today. The sexy blonde who interned for Hillary Clinton during her presidential campaign holds nothing back.

The scene shows Spades in a threeway with Brooke Tyler in the role of Hillary and Dane Cross as a fellow intern.

"Confidence and intelligence have always turned me on and Hillary had plenty of both," Spades said. "The preview shows just one the many sexual fantasies that I had while working for her. Power is truly an aphrodisiac and being so close to a woman who might well have been the leader of the free world really put me over the top."

Spades interned for Clinton’s upstate New York office during the summer of 2006 while attending community college.

"I've watched porn for many years including when I worked for Hillary," remembers Spades. "I know that my sexual fantasies of her were fueled by the porn scenes I'd watch at night before I headed to the Senate office the next day and believe me, they were hot."