Vivid Offers $1 Million for True Tiger Riding Tales

LOS ANGELES—Vivid Entertainment has made an offer of $1 million to any woman who has proof she was a paramour of Tiger Woods and will sign a contract with the studio.

"Of course, we would need proof that a relationship actually took place," said Vivid co-chairman Steven Hirsch. "Tiger Woods is much more than a great athlete, he's an American sports legend, and we feel that there would be strong public interest in an intimate look at him through the eyes of one of his actual lovers."

Hirsch said if any of the actual Tiger lovers takes him up on his offer, her movie with the company would be released under the Vivid-Celeb imprint, which has released titles starring such celebrities as Kim Kardashian and rapper Ray J, former Miss USA Kelli McCarty and international TV star Shauna Sand-Lamas.

"If a woman has already make the decision to step forth and talk to the media about her actual  relationship with Tiger, she could do well by working with us, as we can help her tell her story in an unvarnished and honest way," Hirsch said. "The names that have already surfaced, Rachel Uchitel, Jaimee Grubbs and Kalika Moquin, will be tops on our list."