Vivid Introduces Russian Twins in New Release

LOS ANGELES—Vivid Entertainment has discovered a pair of identical twins hailing from St. Petersburg, Russia, who both star in a new movie from the studio that releases Nov. 1.

Introducing the Russo Twins, directed by B. Skow, marks the first time the blond twins have performed together in an X-rated feature.

"These twins are gorgeous and their special chemistry definitely turned up the heat on the set," B. Skow said.

Tati and Taylor Russo were born to a family of five children. Their parents passed away when they were 9 years old and the sisters were sent to live in an orphanage. When they were 12 they were selected to join a dancing troupe sponsored by a Christian adoption agency and spent two weeks touring in America, where they hoped they could live one day. A few months after they had returned to the Russian orphanage they, along with their older brother and younger sister, were adopted by a family in California's Orange County.

After their teen years, Tati joined the U.S. Army and Taylor moved in with her boyfriend. The sisters lost touch for several years but when Tati moved back to Los Angeles, Taylor followed, and the two were reunited.

“When Tati is in a scene I can feel what she's feeling and I want to do it too," Taylor said. "It's really weird, but we really love it when we're both in the same scene. It makes it twice as good."

Introducing the Russo Twins also features Halie James, Celeste Star, Bill Bailey, Barry Scott, Jerry, Tommy Gunn and Johnny Sins.