Vivid Entertainment Backs Away from Octomom Offer

LOS ANGELES—Vivid Entertainment founder and co-chairman Steven Hirsch has decided to not purchase Nadya “Octomom” Suleman’s mortgage after the mother of 14 rejected the company’s no-strings-attached offer to make February’s monthly payment.

Hirsch met recently with real estate developer Amer Haddadin about the possibility of buying the note for a $450,000 mortgage on the house which he holds.

"We carefully reviewed the loan documents concerning the house where Nadya lives," Hirsch said. "After consulting with our attorneys, it became clear to us that there were details that cause us concern and we are therefore unable to move forward. This was always about helping Nadya as well as making a sensible business decision. Unfortunately, we were not able to accomplish that. We wish Nadya the best of luck in solving the issues related to her home.”

Hirsch recently sent a check to cover Suleman's February mortgage payment to her attorney, Jeff Czech.

"Jeff Czech said Nadya's only comment was 'Tell them to keep their money,'" Hirsch said. "We find it difficult to understand why she turned it down our offer which was designed only to help her and her 14 children and did not require that she perform in any Vivid movies or even come to work for us in any capacity."

Over the past two years Hirsch has made several overtures to Suleman in an attempt to help her support her 14 children. The company offered her $1 million in February 2009 to appear in an adult movie, but she declined this proposal and two other offers that didn't involve performing. One was to be a production assistant at the studio and the other was to host night club parties for Vivid at this month's AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas.

"We have been exploring ways to develop a business relationship with Nadya, which would assist her with her housing issues," Hirsch said. "Nadya has made it clear she doesn't want to perform in an adult movie, which we respect. She's a fascinating personality and we had hoped to be able to help her with her financial situation."

Suleman has made it clear on numerous occasions that she despises the porn industry so it would seem that now, mercifully, Hirsch’s dogged pursuit of her is finally over.

"Vivid Video sent me a check for the mortgage, and I sent it back," Suleman told RadarOnline. "I don't take money from porn pushers, and I never will."