Vivid Adds Interviews to Jessica Sierra Site

LOS ANGELES – Two friends of "American Idol" finalist Jessica Sierra, as well as her sister, Jennifer Sierra, dish about the singer's wild ways in exclusive interviews launching today on Vivid Entertainment's website for the just-released Jessica Sierra Superstar.

Charles Youngblood, Sierra's co-star in the video, and Danielle Norman, her best friend since grade school, come to the defense of the rehab-confined singer, while at the same time pulling no punches about her past behavior.

"She's a wild child," says Youngblood, who ranks her sexually as "a nine, a nine and a half; she gets a thumbs up."

Youngblood recounts some of his sexual encounters with Sierra, including sessions with three other men and three other women on a boat. "She gets down like that," he says. "She does it all. She's a big nympho, a 100 percent freak. She loves handcuffs, loves to get spanked, strawberries, whipped cream, the whole nine."

Norman discusses the events of the evening when Sierra got arrested outside Tampa's Full Moon Saloon in early December.

On the allegation that Sierra offered fellatio to the arresting officers if they would let her go, Norman says, "It supposedly happened when she was on the way to jail, but I don't believe it."

Norman goes on to impart more past exploits of hers and Sierra's so outrageous, everything else almost pales in comparison.

"Jessica had stacks of money from selling the sex tape," Norman says. "We blew that money. We thought we were balling. We're in a hotel the whole time. We just sat there by ourselves, me and Jessica, for days and snorted coke, as much as we possible could. Our noses were raw. We couldn't go to sleep if we wanted to."

She estimates that they consumed 10 grams of cocaine in one night.

Norman expresses optimism about the now pregnant Sierra's current stint in rehab, saying, "Hopefully she thinks about the baby. I hope she keeps it. Obviously, it was meant for a good cause – so she doesn't get in trouble again and she has something to look forward to."

Denying that she and Sierra ever engaged in any lesbian activity, Norman does however confirm that Sierra has a taste for sex with both men and women.

"I can't wait to see the movie," Norman says. "We're going to make it a movie night with the girls and watch Jessica get the shit fucked out of her."

Norman adds that she wants to start a "Free Jessica Sierra" campaign, exclaiming, "Leave her the fuck alone. Get out of her damn business. We'll party when she gets out. We'll go for karaoke. But no coke, because I don't want to get her back on this fast track. Just one night, but no bumps in the bathroom."

Vivid national sales manager David Peskin commented, "Along the way, she pleaded no contest to cocaine possession, did some jail time and made a full-on hardcore sex tape with a boyfriend every bit as wild as everything else she does. Jessica Sierra will make your pulse race and your head spin ... and that's no 'idol' threat."

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