Tristan Taormino to Lecture at Three Universities

LOS ANGELES — Director, writer and sex educator Tristan Taormino will speak about porn and sexual empowerment at three American universities this month.

Taormino's lecture tour follows her recent win at the Feminist Porn Awards for Smutty Schoolteacher of the Year (Educational Title) in recognition of her two-part Expert Guide to Oral Sex from Vivid-Ed.

Her first talk, entitled "The Path to Sexual Empowerment," takes place April 16 at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee as part of its Student Union's Spring Sexpo Series.

"The talk is about what it means to be sexually empowered, and I share my own journey which has been heavily influenced by my work in the adult industry," Taormino said.

Next, Taormino goes to Williamette University in Salem, Oregon, where on April 22 she will be joined by female-helmed porn pioneer Candida Royalle on a panel with the heading "Pornography: Scandalous or Feminist? Female Directors Share Their Perspectives."   

On April 23, Taormino will be at the University of California – Santa Barbara as a guest speaker for professor Constance Penley's film class. Then on April 25, she joins another panel, "Sex Work in Academe and the Industry," as part of a symposium taking place on the campus called "Console-ing Passions 2008: An International Conference on Television, Audio, Video, New Media and Feminism."

"I am so excited to speak at UWM, Williamette and UC Santa Barbara," Taormino said. "They are very different from one another, and I look forward to sharing my views and hearing reactions from the students. I am especially honored to sit alongside such amazing women as Candida Royalle and Constance Penley whose work has been so important and influential."

Taormino's latest Vivid-Ed title, Tristan Taormino's Expert Guide to the G-spot, was released this week.