Third World Streets <i>Soapland Slip and Slide</i>

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — The all-Japanese Soapland Slip and Slide from Third World Media offers a glimpse into the world of the Japanese bathhouse, also known there as "soaplands."

Starring Yukina Aoyama, Yuki Kondo, Minami Seto and Maya Kitazawa, Soapland Slip and Slide depicts these ladies offering services unseen outside of Japan, with an emphasis on washing, soaping and lubing the client.

"The Japanese soapland is an experience few have had the privilege to partake in," said Third World president Steve Scott. "Soapland Slip and Slide lets our customers virtually live out the unique techniques each of our four stars brings to a Japanese bathhouse."

Scott added that the cast members also engage in some costume play, or "cosplay," and that the DVD offers optional English subtitles.

Soapland Slip and Slide streets Jan. 14. For more information, visit For sales, contact Steve Scott at [email protected] and for all other inquiries, e-mail [email protected].