Third World Media to Release <i>Asian 6-Pack</i>

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Third World Media, one of the premiere importers of native Asian adult titles, has assembled a collection of some of its biggest hits, to be released Dec. 10 as the Asian 6-Pack.

Included in the set will be Chest Full of Asians 4, Naughty Little Asians 15, Pretty Little Asians 43, 10 Little Asians 6, Little Asian Cocksuckers 6 and 18 and Asian 5. Some of the stars found within are Rei Himekawa, Hinano Mizuki, Azumi Aoi and Rina Aoyama.

"With growing consumer demand and expectations of quality when it comes to their adult entertainment, we see a definite market in the multi-disc pack," said Third World president Steve Scott. "The fans don't want another hastily thrown-together compilation, they want every scene to be as good as the last one. The Asian 6-Pack is the first multi-movie collection we've put together, and with the response we've gotten so far, it's something we plan to continue."

Each movie will be presented on its own disc, Scott added, in order to preserve its video quality. "Our fans deserve the best and expect it," he said. "Each of the featured titles are from the award-winning lines our company's produced over the years. We have someone for everyone who likes Japanese women — petite, big-tittied and naughty, they're all here."

The next collection Third World has planned, for those seeking a little something extra in their stroke fare, will be a bareback tranny four-pack.

For more information, go to, and for sales, contact Steve Scott at [email protected].