Third World Delivers Italian TS's, Japanese 'Fur Burgers'

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—Preternaturally enthusiastic sales maven David Peskin reached out to AVN today to spread the news on the latest doings at Third World Media, the company for which he worked back in 2014. Since January of this year, Peskin’s been with the venerable studio again as the sales rep for Third World Distribution, which is allied with Exquisite Multimedia.

In his capacity as Third World/Exquisite sales manager, Peskin is handling several new Third World Media titles.

Shipping this week with a street date of July 18 is the third volume in the series Cream Filled Japanese Fur Burgers, a title referred to as “self-explanatory.” He added, “It’s one of our best-selling new series featuring hairy cream pies.”

Third World Media general manager Diego Castle chimed in, “The action has no mosaic and is 100 percent hardcore—all girls from Japan. It’s one of our top sellers.”

Streeting this week was the 17th installment of Italian Transsexual Job. “This has been one of Third World’s top-selling series since 1999,” Peskin said, explaining that the series was originally started by pioneering TS performer Gia Darling.

“Gia is still a consultant and keeps in close contact with Third World Media, and especially with her dear friend Ed Hunter,” Peskin noted.

Cream Filled Japanese Fur Burgers 3 and Italian Transsexual Job 17 were both directed by Ed Hunter and shot on location in, respectively, Japan and Italy.

“We’re also proud to announce that we have three Third World Media titles on the specialty chart in the latest edition of AVN, the July issue,” Peskin said proudly. “We’re high-fiving over here.”

World’s Biggest Transsexual Cocks was ranked at No. 20, followed by Little Asian Transsexuals 23 at (coincidentally) No. 23. And at No. 45 was Oriental Rugs 4.

Peskin pointed out that Little Asian Transsexuals 23 “was actually released the beginning of April and it is a reorder machine—one of our best-selling titles for 2016.”

View box covers here.

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