Tera Patrick Does <i>Fashion Underground</i>

STUDIO CITY – Teravision and Vivid Entertainment are preparing to release their latest joint feature with Fashion Underground. The title, which is set to ship on Nov. 7 and was shot on film by Paul Thomas, features Teravision owner, Tera Patrick, in two scenes with performers other than her husband, Evan Seinfeld (a.k.a Spyder Jones), for the first time in three years.

While Jones is doing starlet Lanny Barby in the release, Patrick puts in scenes with both Tommy Gunn and Jean Val Jean.

Patrick told AVN.com that she had been asked previously about the option of working with someone besides Seinfeld and said that she was open to the possibility. “So P.T. approached me with the script, as well as the idea of doing scenes with other guys, and I said ‘sure.’” Patrick also explained that she was in total control of the casting process. “Tommy Gunn and Jean Val Jean were cast specifically for those parts.”

Seinfeld added that he wasn’t torn up about the change of on-screen coupling. Quite the contrary, he was on set directing for Patrick’s tryst with Gunn. “Tommy Gunn is a friend of mine,” said Seinfeld, “and I’m glad she chose him…he’s a really professional guy and their scene is really sexy.

“It seems like there’s a trend in the industry that once someone gets established there’s like this contest of who can do less work,” Seinfeld continued. “We were thinking the opposite with this one. The thing that I like about porno is seeing the same girl in two or three scenes, getting fucked by two or three different guys. When you play football for a living, you play the whole game, not just part of it. The plan was never to have Tera just exclusively work with me…it’s just something that never really came up.

“People love Tera and she’s a big star, and we just wanted to turn up the heat with this one.”

In Fashion Underground, Patrick’s character is determined to go out on top of the fashion model circuit, but she's surrounded by people dead set on bringing her down; bitchy designers, luscious hard-body girls eager to take her place, fashion editors looking for the latest scandal to sell their magazines and news shows.

However, Patrick’s biggest worry is her ex-partner who's returned from prison. Not knowing what he's looking for or who he is out to fuck this time, she's doing her best to avoid him. Patrick just wants to make a clean break from being the beautiful object of desire on the runway.

Patrick, who also has an extensive past in mainstream modeling, said that she really enjoyed the fashion aspects of the title. “It has beautiful costumes and lavish sets, and we put on an actual fashion show for it.” She and Seinfeld also pointed out the similarities between her on-screen character and off-screen life. “Tera plays a spoiled supermodel who has everything, and in some ways, she’s basically playing herself in this one,” said Seinfeld. 

Patrick said that she also enjoyed working with Thomas, with whom she’s worked on a handful of other Adult titles. “I like working with him because he always challenges me.”

“This is a big budget title that is going to be hugely popular,” said Vivid National Sales Manager, Howard Levine. “It features all kinds of great stuff: Tera performing with other partners, director Paul Thomas, three anal scenes and the hot and sexy Lanny Barby. The title is so lavishly done, it really looks amazing.

“We’ll also be supplying posters for the title to retailers, simply by calling their distributors.”

Patrick said that she will be making a habit of doing on-screen work with other male performers, as about a dozen Teravision titles featuring some scenes without Jones are set to hit store shelves in the coming months.

In addition to Patrick, Jones, Barby, Gunn and Jean, Fashion Underground stars Aaliyah Jolie, Ava Ramone, Chloe Morgan , Chris Cannon, Erica Jordan, Lisa Daniels, Marcos Leon, Penny Flame, Samantha Ryan, Shy Love, Spyder Jonez, Steven St. Croix and Trent Tesoro.

Fashion Underground ships on Nov. 7 with a Nov. 14 street date. Seinfeld and Patrick added that Teravision will also be releasing Sexpose’ - Brittney Skye on Nov. 7 and plan on coordinating a Los Angeles party for the two titles.

Vivid is distributed exclusively by Pulse.