Tax Relief - From Adult DVD Explorer

How does Adult DVD Explorer spell tax relief? P-o-r-n, at 30 percent off. As in, Vivid, VCA, Private, Digital Sin, Digital Playground, RAW, Wave, Sunshine, Metro, Sin City, Red Light District, Anarchy, Mad Media, AVE, Heatwave, Pleasure, Horizon, Video Team, and more.

All April long, Adult DVD Explorer is offering 30 percent off releases from those studios as one of the best pieces of tax relief you'll get this year. And all you have to do to get that break is make an order for $40 or more, then type in the 30 percent off coupon code (3030) at the cybercheckout.

So simple, even your tax man can do it! But you've only got through April 30 to enjoy this tax break. And to cash in, visit Adult DVD Explorer on the Web or call 1-(877) 939-3999, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. PST.