TROUBLEfilms Releases Censor-Challenging 'Ban This Sick Filth!'

Newly released on RealQueerPorn, Ban This Sick Filth! is a political and sexual revolution within a compilation of films and interviews on porn censorship and its impact in the UK and USA. This collaboration between American performers/producers Kitty Stryker and Courtney Trouble also features hardcore content and interviews from British performer/producer Pandora Blake from Dreams of Spanking.

Originally planned to highlight censored acts in the UK, this film was denied DVD distribution in the US because of some of the consensual acts depicted.

Porn, often derided as without “serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value,” can and does serve as validation for sexual diversity, queerness, and an enjoyment of non-heteronormative sex. Yet obscenity is not protected by laws around freedom of speech, leaving those who choose to deviate from that norm at risk for social and legal action. Ban This Sick Filth! questions and blurs the line between what is called obscene, and that which is said to have "value".

A portion of the proceeds of this film will be donated to Backlash UK, an organization that offers legal, academic, and campaigning work on behalf of those who find themselves defending their freedom of expression.

Featuring an array of scenarios exploring topics considered taboo by censors, Ban This Sick Filth! opens with anglophile Kitty Stryker being taught by Courtney Trouble, Andre Shakti, and Ned that maybe the new laws make Britain not very welcoming for kinky porn performers. From UK porn studio Dreams of Spanking comes a serious, disciplinary caning scene directed by Pandora Blake. Obscenity meets blasphemy in a nun/altarboy scene between Joey Minx and Akira Raine, and is followed by a menstruation masturbation solo scene with Courtney Trouble.

Interspersed throughout are interviews with directors and cast on the intersection of porn, artistic expression, and censorship laws, as well as behind the scenes information on how these films were made and conceptualized.

"Ban This Sick Filth!" is a playful piece with a serious message: porn censorship is bloody awful! Buy Ban This Sick Filth! now!