TROUBLEfilms Dips into Creampies With 'Here Kitty Kitty'

SAN FRANCISCO—When she recently took over as head of production at TROUBLEfilms, performer Kitty Stryker noted that she had a new movie on the way: her own star showcae, titled Here Kitty Kitty. The movie is now up on VOD through the company's online store.

Stryker, who performed in the award-winning Lesbian Curves series as well as April Flores's new plus-size porn site, makes her directorial debut with Here Kitty Kitty.

After co-directing the anti-obscenity porn Ban This Sick Filth, Stryker says she was eager to start on her own full-length movie. "I'm delighted to show fans of BBW porn this very different side of me in Here Kitty Kitty. I went into this project setting myself the goal of no plot, no script, just hot fucking with sexy people—directing and performing at the same time was a fun challenge, and I feel strongly that the end result speaks for itself!"

"Kitty Stryker is a dynamic, fun-loving porn star with a keen eye for production," said TROUBLEfilms owner Courtney Trouble. "I'm really proud of where TROUBLEfilms is heading, in a direction of team building and collaboration. Providing opportunities to create high-demand products with an amazing message is something I value highly as an indie porn business owner. TROUBLEfilms is a hard-working and diverse team of directors, with Kitty paving the way for a whole new wave of plus-size porn trends."

Here Kitty Kitty is 80 minutes long and features four main scenes with a masturbation sequence tying them together. Stryker first teams up with AVN's two-time BBW Performer of the Year winner April Flores for some strap-on fun. Then, TROUBLEfilms favorite Cinnamon Maxxine steps in for a lightly kinky scene, fingering Stryker til she squirts. Slender blonde beauty Miss Quin scissors with Stryker as well as enjoying some mutual pussy eating.

The final scene is Stryker's first on-screen boy/boy/girl threesome with tattooed stud Ruckus and real-life partner Ned Would. The finale also shows Stryker's first creampie—and also the first one in a TROUBLEfilms project.

Also released along with the movie is a hardcore music video trailer, edited by Cinnamon Maxxine. "I really enjoyed editing and shooting for Here Kitty Kitty," said Maxxine. "I'm honored to be a part of this fierce fat femme's first feature." The trailer additionally features a cover by cellist Unwoman, who provided the soundtrack to the movie. View the NSFW trailer here.

The upcoming DVD, which will be distributed through Pure Play in October, will feature a masturbation sequence as an extra scene, as well as the music video trailer and a photo gallery.

Stryker can be reached at [email protected].