Sydney Leathers Strips Down for Vivid Entertainment

LOS ANGELES—Sydney Leathers has wasted no time stripping down and pleasuring herself for the camera. Today Vivid Entertainment announced that it shot explicit footage of Anthony Weiner's sexting pal, and it's available for purchase on  

In "Weinergate," Leathers poses in lingerie before stripping down and diddling herself. Last week Leathers continued her quest for 15 minutes of fame when she was photographed by getting into Vivid Entertainment co-founder Steve Hirsch's car outside the company's offices. 

Apparently, though, Leathers is a bit confused as to what constitutes a porn video because she was adamant in telling the New York Daily News that she hadn't shot one. 

"It's not a self-pleasure video,” she said. "It's just a sexy photo shoot with a behind-the-scenes interview."

Leathers' introduces the video and says, "I'm Sydney Leathers. Anthony Weiner and I had a 'sexting' relationship for several months, and that came out in the press, so here I am! We had phone sex several times a week while this was going on. We did send each other pictures. They were pretty much all nude. He would always compliment me on my breasts, my ass. He would tell me stuff about my feet, and how good I looked in heels. I responded back and basically told him anything I thought he wanted to hear. Here's my fully nude video. Check it out."

The 36-second video preview on the Vivid site shows Leathers topless. The two-part video features the 35-minute explicit clip, and an 18-minute sit-down interview.

Leathers recently shot into the public's consciousness when it was revealed that New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner engaged in a sexting relationship with the 23-year-old from the Midwest. Leathers' and Weiner's online flirtation occurred a year after Weiner resigned from Congress for similar behavior.

Leathers told the Daily News that she's still considering doing a full-on porn parody of Weinergate.

"It's one of those things you have to be really sure about," she said. "You can't have any doubts and be uncomfortable."