Rutherford's First Colt Studio Shoot Underway

GAYVN Hall of Fame director John Rutherford begins filming today on his first XXX feature for Colt Studio since acquiring the legendary studio on June 10. 

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Todd Parker

After 14 years and 280 movies, multiple award-winner Rutherford abruptly resigned his position as Head of Production at Falcon Studios last March to pursue other projects. 

"Both events took everyone by surprise," says GAYVN Editor Doug Lawrence. "But I can't think of a better match than John Rutherford and Colt." 

Though Rutherford is keeping the new movie's plot and title under wraps till it "wraps," he told that the cast will be headed by brand new Colt Man exclusive Todd Parker, and include such exciting performers as Chase Hunter, Lane Fuller, Marcus Iron, Ray Dragon, and Jake Gianelli, plus more new, never-seen-before Colt Men. 

Lawrence is covering the shoot and his On the Set exclusive will appear in the September issue of AVN.  

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