Ron Jeremy Denies Allegations of Rape Brought by Ginger Lynn

Two nights ago Ginger Lynn accused Ron Jeremy of raping her two decades ago in a Hawaiian bungalow, reigniting a dispute between the two porn icons over the nature of the sex that took place then.

So far all that has been discovered is that there is no definitive proof – and, given the timeline, there likely never will be.

Jeremy denies the accusation and expresses dismay that a topic he thought had been dropped has revived itself in so public a manner. “That she’s been saying this is really bizarre,” Jeremy told  “Somehow her memory must be fucked. I don’t know why she’s doing this.” 

The accusation was spontaneously delivered by Lynn while hosting KSEXradio's The Ginger Lynn Show, a weekly Internet radio show that Lynn hosts. While discussing a weekend party, Ron Jeremy’s name was mentioned and for some reason, Lynn just couldn’t contain herself any longer. “It just snowballed. Everything just slipped and spilled. It was not planned," Lynn told

Jeremy is confused as to why Lynn renewed her accusations. “I hosted a show with her a year ago in Orange County, we got along great. I’ve hung out with her since then. She likes my girlfriend Natalie,” said Jeremy.

The Hedgehog even appeared on the Ginger Lynn E! True Hollywood Stories special last year. “I said nice things,” he said.

Jeremy claims to be very upset that Lynn has gone public with her accusations, suggesting that if this story ends up in mainstream media Lynn may be facing charges of libel.

“A guy looks bad whether he’s innocent or not and that’s just not fair,” Jeremy said.

Lynn suggests that she was civil to Jeremy because decorum mandated it. “Of course I’m going to be polite in public,” she said.

Jeremy also claims to have told the story of Jeremy’s alleged rape while being interviewed for her E! Ginger Lynn E! True Hollywood Stories special last year. The producers opted not to use the footage, citing a possible liable suit.

While Lynn didn’t intend to bring up her charges against Jeremy on her Internet radio show, she was already planning on creating a Website to “expose” Jeremy’s alleged sex crimes and support other women in the adult community that also claim to have been raped by Jeremy.  Lynn claims to have a dozen women who have written her letters claiming to have been raped by Jeremy.

Originally the site was intended to refer to Jeremy in an obvious manner without actually naming him – although Lynn says that she would give enough information would be given so that women in the industry would definitely know the identity of the “sexual predator” the Website was outing.

Plans for the Website are still in the works. Lynn is currently obtaining permission from the various women who claim to have been raped by Jeremy to post first-person accounts of their experiences.

“It’s such a devastating and horribly intrusive thing that has happened to us that it is hard to talk about. I just one to make sure that everyone is comfortable,” Lynn told

Jennifer Steele has already come forward saying that she was allegedly raped twice – once on a Hustler photo shoot and once at Jeremy’s apartment. Her full email is post at, a site operated by Wankus, the program director of KSEX, though the two Websites claim not to be affilliated. Lynn says that she will post further accusations from more women on

Another woman, Kiki Daire, claimed while co-hosting The Ginger Lynn Show that Jeremy repeated, "let me put in just the tip, just the tip,” then against her wishes turned a scene that was supposed to be a blowjob into a vaginal penetration boy/girl scene on a set. She claims the cameraman did nothing to stop it.

Jeremy has denied those accusations.

“People are very vocal in this business. If I had problems with girls in the past, don’t you think it would have been out there?” Jeremy asked, suggesting that nobody in the adult industry would stand by and watch him rape a woman.

One rumor that was circulating yesterday, though not originated by Lynn, has already been discredited. Tina Cherri was allegedly raped by Jeremy and allegedly received hush money not to mention it. Cherri herself left a message on the message machine denying those rumors. “I think people should try calling the source before they go and say things like that,” she said.

The alleged rape of Ginger Lynn took place during the shooting of A Little Bit of Hanky Panky in Hawaii during December 1983.

Lynn and Jerry Butler, also in Hanky Panky, were on the beach having sex on their own time. Jeremy came up and asked to join in. According to Jeremy, he took part in a threesome. 

Butler did write about a threeway involving himself, Lynn and Jeremy in his book Raw Talent. Lynn suggested that Butler is covering for Jeremy – Jeremy claims that’s ridiculous.

“He [Butler] insults me in the book," Jeremy said. "He has no reason to try to defend me. He says ‘Oh, that lecher. It was the three of us on the beach.’ She’s claiming we never did it.”

After the sex on the beach was finished, be it a threeway or only with Butler, Lynn then went to her bungalow. So did Jeremy.

“It has nothing to do with what happened later anyway and Ronny for some reason keeps saying to me ‘Yeah, but we’d had sex on the beach already so I figured it was okay,’” said Lynn. “First of all, we didn’t, and even if we did, which we didn’t, why would it make it okay to break into my condo and hide in the bathroom behind the door and rape me afterwards.”

Jeremy says that he let himself in, but denies that the sex that took place was not consensual. “After having sex with someone on the beach, why would you not want to have sex with them? I went up to the room with her to take a shower and then we messed around. No goodbye, no get lost…. We were very good friends, how can you rape a friend?”

The next day Lynn and Jeremy performed in a scene together. Two weeks later they did so again in a movie shot in New York. The project, Super Girls in General Hospital, was directed by Henri Pachard.

Lynn says that when she found out the she was supposed to be in a scene with Jeremy, she tried to back out.

Pachard convinced her to stay and shoot the scene, but Lynn claims she went on a drug binge to cope with it, a binge that culminated with her being replaced in the movie as Lynn spent the next few days doing drugs on a yacht. Lynn readily admits that she had a drug problem during that time, though she is now in a 12-step program.

Lynn didn’t say anything about the incident at first. However, as time went on she became vocal about it. In the '80s, Lynn says she screamed at Jeremy outside the Comedy Store, for the first time calling him a rapist. Soon after, she says she told of the alleged rape in a Hustler interview soon after she left Vivid, sometime between 1986-1988.

The industry didn’t even shrug.

After returning to adult and signing a contract with VCA in 1999, Jeremy and Lynn had a meeting mediated by Veronica Hart, a mutual friend.

“She was sitting in front of [Veronica Hart] – ‘We never had a threesome on the beach’ Maybe you were high – we did,” said Jeremy, who suggested that her poor memory of that incident, which Butler corroborates, discredits her memory of what happened in the bungalow.

Hart, who seems to be the only common denominator, refuses to take sides.

“Ginger has always felt that Jeremy raped her. That’s been her story from the beginning, that’s how she remembers it,” Hart said. “She came home, he was at her place, he split a screen to come in. Ron does not remember it as a rape. They both believe their own story. Ron in his mind does not believe he raped her and she in her heart knows that he did. And never will the two meet.” 

Hart does say that she has never heard any similar allegations from other women in the adult community. 

After the attempted mediation, Lynn and Jeremy agreed to disagree about their past – until now.