Playboy TV Interviews Dana Dane About 'Conscious Erotica'

LOS ANGELES—Award-winning director Dana Dane is about to see the release by Adam & Eve of her "comeback" movie, Seduction Diaries Of a Femme—and she's not the only one who's excited about it.

"I did a panel on 'Conscious Erotica: Love, Sex & Porn' a few months back, in the summer, at a festival called Lightning In A Bottle; sort of a prelude to Burning Man," Dane told AVN. "Lightning In A Bottle was put together by Do LaB; they make really cool festivals. They sponsor Coachella as well. Playboy was there doing a piece on Lightning In A Bottle, and they met me and saw the panel and loved it, and Yoonj, the producer for Playboy TV, asked me if I would be interested in doing a piece with her about how straight women are craving lesbian erotica now, and they're really reaching out for it, and particularly feels like my content is something they would be drawn to.

"So she did some research on me, which is very cool, and called me up and said, 'I Googled you, did my homework, and I would love to do a shoot on you,' so she came to where I work yesterday, and I had Raven Rockette and the lovely Lily Cade and a couple of other girls out there, and they were wonderful, and we talked about the movie that we did together and future projects; we did a little casting for that, and we also talked about the whole Conscious Erotica development and where I want  to take it."

While it is unknown just when Yoonj's piece will go up on the Playboy TV channel, Dane is spending her time on pre-production for another as-yet-untitled movie—that's in part the "casting" referenced above—for Adam & Eve, which is currently in talks to handle distribution for Dane's award-winning Erocktavision series, which she shot between 2003 and 2010, when she was forced to take a hiatus from the adult industry due to health issues.

But in addition to getting back into movie production, Dane has her sights set on the internet as well.

"'Conscious Erotica' is the idea behind a new website I'm developing, which will be," she explained. "What Conscious Erotica is to me is not just about the sex; it's about everything, including the filmmaking, the level of comfort of the girls, the set, and all that goes into my productions. I think that this industry is amazing, and I'm proud to be a part of it, and I'd like to shine a bright light on this industry, and I feel like the  new generations are craving a higher level, a higher vibration of erotic material, and I'd like to deliver that and to offer other filmmakers an opportunity to deliver it with me.

"I think AVN said it best when they described my work as 'It's hard enough for a man but made by a woman'," she added. "What I discussed with Playboy TV was what I look for in a performance and also how I really want the girls to be into women; not necessarily that they have to be lesbian, but I like to know that they've made love to a woman in their life; that they've loved a woman; that they've experienced that in their lives; that it wasn't just about hooking up, and I think that shows a lot in my films. So it was exciting to talk about that, about Adam & Eve and what's going on there, and about I feel like, which is my other website that's also under construction right now, and will be kind of a joint thing; they'll be kind of symbiotic and work together.

"Conscious Erotica is still in the development stages," she admitted. "I haven't quite figured it all out, but it's going to be very personal, and it'll be for women, for new generations, and I think that it'll flow really nicely with Adam & Eve, with Erocktavision and with my new line, The Seduction Diaries Of a Femme. I'm very proud to be associated with them, and I think they get me, so they get Erocktavision, they get Conscious Erotica, and I think it will all just come together as it's supposed to."

The websites will be hosted by Adam & Eve, and Dane is currently in discussions with the company to decide the parameters of the content Dane will be posting on the sites, but she has every confidence in their dedication to sexual freedom.

"There will be little tweaks, but the sites will be up within a month, and more will be added on as we go and develop, and as we work with Adam & Eve and as we keep developing all these wonderful things, and I look forward to developing future films for Adam & Eve, as well as creating some new content for them," she stated.