PMP Studios Expands Operations

NEW YORK CITY - In celebration of 18 years in business, PMP Studios will be expanding its operations, adding another 5,000 square foot studio in New York with a large outdoor terrace as well as a restaurant and art gallery on the mezzanine level.

PMP founder John Stavros said he is also planning to add to its satellite studio in Los Angeles by bringing on additional staff members to its production, promotion, marketing and management teams. PMP has made contributions to several Playboy TV programs, including "Hot Rocks" and "Night Calls," as well as several live specials.

Stavros left Playboy five years ago to begin work with Champions World events, helping to introduce the world class soccer clubs of Europe, such as Manchester United and AC Milan, to U.S. fans.

Stavros explained that the groundwork for PMP Studios was first laid out in the late 70s, inspired by the late Andy Warhol's Factory. The company has additionally been involved with major productions such as the Martin Scorsese film Bringing Out the Dead, as well as several other feature films. Stavros says that PMP now has offices in midtown Manhattan as well as South Florida, Los Angeles and Greece.

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