Op-Ed: Candida Royalle Kickstarter Ends Today

CYBERSPACE—As AVN reported several weeks ago, veteran adult actress and director Candida Royalle is partnering with a Canadian filmmaker on her autobiographical journey to find her relatives, and particularly her mother, who left her in the care of her father when Candida was very young.

But sadly, as this is written, Candida's Kickstarter campaign is far from reaching its goal, with about $49,000 pledged of the $135,000 needed.

Dr. Carol Queen, who is a longtime friend of Candida's as well as all the other "Club 90" members, has written an impassioned plea for more donations for this worthy cause.

"This just isn't just any film," Queen wrote, "it's an amazing film journey: When she was little (named Candice in those days), her mother left, and never came back. Where did she go? What happened to her? Was she aware that her long-separated daughter was becoming feminist porn pioneer Candida Royalle? This is what Candida's proposed movie is: an exploration of the life she lived without her mom, and a search for her...

"Candida is going to look for her mother, film that story, and tell her own life story (and that of our sex-positive feminist movement, I bet) in this film. I really want to see it; I want her to have the experience of seeking (and hopefully finding, but who knows) her long-absent mom.

"Her Kickstarter campaign has just 16 hours to go. I'm just about to contribute, but I wanted to pass this on first and also ask you to tell people about it who you think might value having such a film in the world; and who value what Candida has already done and want to support her."

As any adult movie fan already knows, the multi-award-winning Candida Royalle has produced some of the most insightful, pro-feminist porn on the market today, but few know much about her early life, particularly her college years when she first became active in the women's rights movement. That's exactly the sort of material that adult fans (and industry members) need to see—but it won't happen unless people go here in the next 16 hours (as of 2 p.m. Pacific Time) and give a few bucks to make it happen.