Octomom Baffles Vivid with Latest Offer Rejection

LOS ANGELES—Call it a woman’s prerogative, but Octomom has once again refused a Vivid Entertainment proposal intended to help the mother of 14 keep a roof over the family’s heads. After two years of offers by the industry leading studio—including $1 million and $500,000, respectively, to perform sex in a movie and then in a single scene—the latest offer to host parties for the studio in Vegas this January during the AVN Awards has been rejected, and Vivid head Steven Hirsch doesn’t get it.

"I don't understand her immediate refusal,” the Vivid co-founder said Wednesday in a prepared statement. “This is an opportunity for Nadya to take advantage of her well-known name, without doing anything behind or in front of the camera. This is something major stars do all the time, and are very well paid for it." 

Vivid will be hosting two parties in Vegas on Jan. 7 and 8, in conjunction with the AVN Awards, known as "The Oscars of Porn." Vivid said Suleman's main duty would have been to smile and shake hands with guests at the events. No information was provided about how much the company was willing to pay for the gig, but one presumes it would have been enough to help the “cash strapped” mom, as RadarOnline referred to her in a Tuesday post.

According to the gossip site, Suleman’s lawyer, Jeff Czech, said his client “did not even consider the offer from Vivid for one second. There is no way she is going to do that. She isn’t going to be involved with them in any way.”

The reason, according to Czech? “She thinks porn is demeaning to women,” he told RadarOnline.

Despite being baffled that Suleman would turn down an appearance at a great party that would have helped her to meet her mortgage payments, Hirsch remains undaunted. "Needless to say, we will keep trying,” he said. “We think she's an exciting personality.”

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