Murder and Mayhem in Vivid's 'Miles From Needles'

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Director B. Skow's new Vivid feature Miles From Needles stars contract girl Savanna Samson in a scenario that plays like an homage to '70s roughie porn and exploitation flicks.

"Savanna plays a girl who is in a lesbian relationship behind her boyfriend's back," Skow begins. "The boyfriend catches them in bed together and forces the girlfriend to watch him fuck Savanna - it's a really intense scene. They wind up killing him, freaking out and taking off - just driving. They end up 10 miles outside of Needles, California on the highway where they get pulled over by a cop, played by Evan Stone. He arrests them, but it turns out he's not really a cop - he and Kimberly Kane are two freaks who take them to their lair."

That's just the beginning of the insanity. Stone's character has a meth lab in the basement, where strung-out sex slaves perform in videos for his porn website. And James Deen plays a retard role straight out of Ted Post's '70s sleaze classic The Baby or the underrated Sonny Boy, as a demented man-child who's been raised to believe he's a girl.

Skow told AVN the movie had to go through Vivid's legal department twice.

"Going back and forth with the legal department, I had to take out a couple of things," the director said. "There's a lot of weird stuff in it - I really like Rob Zombie's movies, and it has that kind of feel."

Skow shot Miles From Needles in two 17-hour days. "The cast and crew was really into it and loved the script," he said. "Savanna and everybody else gave their full energy from start to finish; Kimberly Kane is unbelievable in it, Steven is great and Evan Stone is really good, too."

Samson appears in four of the movie's seven hardcore sex scenes. Her co-stars include April Blossom as the lesbian girlfriend, Maria Bellucci as one of the meth freaks and Brian Surewood.

AVN says check it out.

Miles From Needles is available on both standard DVD and Blu-ray disc. Retailers and distributors can order from David Peskin at Pulse Distribution by calling (866) 466-6969 ext. 108 or email [email protected].