Legend Comments

Regarding the Max Hardcore interview on Ed Powers Saturday night and a rather brief touch on the contents issue, Legend owner Jack Richmond wants to make one thing perfectly clear. "We censor these tapes here [at Legend]," says Richmond. "What Max does on his website, is not my business. I want to make it clear that all these guys who work here have their own websites and do their own things on their own websites." Richmond, however, says envelope-pushing material will not be found on the Legend product. "JM has his own website; Max Hardcore has his own website; Mr. Shitrock has his own website. We don't condone what they put on it, but we distribute their product through here and we do censor it. We watch every video that we make. But, as far as Ed Powers, people are really getting bored of him and you can quote me," Richmond adds. "As a distributor, I see that they're getting bored. Our sales have gone down over 250% on his product while Max's sales stay the same."