LATATA Responds to FSC’s Call for 14-Day Adult Industry Testing

The following statement was just issued by the Licensed Adult Talent Agency Trade Association (LATATA) in response to the Sept. 16 call by FSC/PASS for “a new 14-day testing protocol industrywide.”

STUDIO CITY, Calif.—Recently, the Free Speech Coalition (FSC), in conjunction with PASS, issued a statement recommending the frequency for required STD testing in the adult industry be changed from the standard 30 day to a 14 day testing standard.  Whereas, the Licensed Adult Talent Agency Trade Association (LATATA) definitely supports and is in favor of any and all measures enhancing its performers’ level of safety in the protection against STDs, including the use of condoms, the organization vehemently opposes the unilateral manner in which this decision was made.  Among several specific factors is the issue concerning the burden of financial responsibility, which was simply not considered – the result being the responsibility has fallen 100% on the shoulders of the performers.

Performers are now faced with an increased cost of up to three (3) times that which was previously being spent on testing – an instant and immediate increase.  In all other business sectors, when the cost of goods increases, there is usually an increase down the line, all the way to the consumer level.  Unfortunately, for the Adult Industry, simply raising the cost to consumers is not the solution.

As agents representing approximately 75 percent of the Adult Industry performer population, as well as servicing 90 percent of all production companies with its performer needs, LATATA’s members feel their voice and participation in such matters are vitally important to the continuity of the adult industry.

LATATA proposes the increase and burden of financial responsibility is shared between the performers and the production companies, which employ them, and is cognizant the law requires this.

It is hereby recommended that a testing fee of $20.00 be applied to each and every production day.  This will enable the majority of performers to recoup a portion of the increase.  Sharing in the increase of cost means productions companies will not have to absorb the entire cost if performer rates were to increase in order for the performers to cover this substantial increase in the testing expense.

LATATA would also like to state it will continue to service and support production companies/studios choosing to remain with a 30 day testing policy; the testing fee for those studios is asked of them, as all others, but is not considered mandatory.

LATATA commends Glenn King of `Mean Bitches` for stepping forward and being the first to put this much discussed ideal into practice.

The following production companies have already issued an approval of this recommendation, and LATATA urges each and every production company to follow with this recommendation, which LATATA would like to put into effect starting October 15, 2013.

In support of this proposal are Glenn King (Mean Bitches), Mike Adriano, Holly Randall, Rashaan (CE Cash), Dan Leal (Immoral Productions), Kim Nielsen (ATKingdom), Laura (FH Studios), and Jonni Darko (Evil Angel).

“Anything that can help with the health and well-being of the talent in our industry should be supported, and therefore, I am on board,” stated Evil Angel Video Director Jonni Darko.

All feedback to this proposal is welcomed; please feel free to contact LATATA directly at [email protected].

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