Kianna Goes to Court

Though she was tentatively scheduled to be in Babewatch 11, Kianna Bradley played the role of observer and spent her birthday [Saturday] hanging out on the set in Malibu with friends. She said she had a Monday morning court date with Earl Slate in Culver City.

Bradley: "I'm with Metro but I'm here hanging out. Friends brought me."

G. Ross: "And you just happen to be hanging out in a red Babewatch suit?"

Bradley: "That's all they had. I didn't bring a bathing suit with me."

G. Ross: "I got the impression you were in it from the original cast list."

Bradley: "I was supposed to be in it. But I asked Greg [Alves] if I could, and he said not right now....but there's a lot of mighty buff guys around here and they can all escort me to the court trial. It's the trial of the century."

G. Ross: "Think it will make it to Court TV? Especially if you're in that bathing suit."

Bradley: "Basically we were on his boat trying to talk things out. A couple of weeks later I went to get my stuff off his boat. He got belligerent. I got messed up and the police came. They took us both to jail. They asked us both some questions and let me go. He finally posted bond. It went to pre-trial. He was late for his pre-trial and they postponed to the following week and was late again. The judge told him if you're late again you'll be eating jail sandwiches for a long time. Now it's going to trial."