Jenna, Playboy, PETA and Mickey D's

LOS ANGELES—Jenna Jameson will make Playboy fans happy, but she's likely to tick off stockholders of the golden arches in a new PETA ad.

According to that bastion of journalistic authority, Fox News, Jameson—back in sex-goddess shape after recently giving birth to twin boys—did a shoot for Playboy Thursday night in Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, Jameson also shot a PSA for PETA's new McCruelty campaign, targeting McDonald's and its Chicken McNugget processing in particular.

In the 30-seoncd spot due in the fall, Jameson lashes out at Mickey D's: "Chickens killed for McNuggets are slammed into metal shackles. Spinning blades meant to cut their throats often tear through their wings or bodies instead," she says. “Many birds survive this terrifying, painful process, only to be scalded to death in defeathering tanks. There’s a less cruel method of slaughter that renders chickens unconscious, but McDonald’s chooses to allow birds to be mutilated and scalded instead."

McDonald's has issued no comment on the Jameson spot.