Jeff Krull Resurfaces At His Own Don Goo

Last August Jeff Krull resigned from his position as Vice President and Head of Production of Jill Kelly Productions to launch Don Goo Enterprises, a new distribution company. Six months later, Don Goo works actively with a number of studios and, according to Krull, pushes 30k pieces a month.

"After building up two companies, It was time to build up something for myself. Working for other people severely limits my ability to grow. I need to be in charge of what's going on, This way I can see my ideas and strategies enacted the way I intend them to be," Krull told

Lord Perious Productions, Nasty Pixxx, and a new Canadian studio, Firm Productions, are among the studios working with Don Goo.

"We offer our studios the benefit of my 25 plus years of adult industry experience. We offer all the contacts I've made, and we off full disclosure regarding our business practices," said Krull, listing reasons why studios should be interested in working with Don Goo. "We're diversified - couples, gonzo, wall-to-wall. I can go to the Midwest with a couples tape and make it work. Or I can go to the Southeast with a wall-to-wall and make that work."

Other reasons to distribute with Don Goo include that fact that he pays his studios once a week and that he offers manufacturing services for his clients. "We offer extremely attractive prices on manufacturing and if we feel the project is right, we'll even finance manufacturing," said Krull.

Another aspect of Don Goo that Krull thinks every studio will appreciate is that he works very closely with studio to help them raise their profile.

"When we work with a studio we works as a team, so we can draw on both of our experiences to increase sales.

Don Goo can also help facilitate deals with international distributors and VOD providers on a direct basis. "By placing content on a site like Gamelink that offers VOD, it draws more attention to the studio which helps their product sell more."

Though currently in West Hills, Krull is attempting to move his organization into Chatsworth.

Interested parties should call Jeff Krull at 818-884-3420.