Inari Vachs Returns for skinworXXX After 8 Years Away

LOS ANGELES—Multiple AVN Award winner Inari Vachs has returned to performing after eight years away from the camera. While her hiatus lasted a lot longer than she initially expected, the versatile Vachs is back and currently shooting her comeback vehicle for skinworXXX. 

Vachs began performing in 1997 and has appeared in close to 400 adult movies.

Vachs, who’s won AVN Awards for performing and acting, including the coveted Female Performer of the Year in 2000, told AVN exclusively that she never expected to stop shooting for so long. The last movie she performed in was 2002’s I Dream of Jenna for ClubJenna.

So what kept Vachs off the blue screen for such a duration? Well, nothing, really. Like the great John Lennon once said, “Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.”

“I had the intention of taking a short break; the plan wasn’t to retire,” Vachs said. “I was shooting my show for Playboy TV (Naughty Amateur Home Videos) and feature dancing after I stopped performing. I told myself that when it wasn’t fun anymore I was going to take a break. I went through a lot personally and there were certain things going on in my life at the time, but I had a lot of love for the industry. I didn’t sour on the business at all. Life just kind of happened.”

For Vachs, her decision to come back now was to have a sense of closure and to finish what she started. 

“When I left, I was at the top of my game,” she said. “I wasn’t done performing. There was more left to do and experience. Right now, I look and feel better than ever. I’m more mature, more in control of what I truly want to get out of this experience. I just felt inside that the timing was right to return at this point in my life.

Vachs returns to star in Harder, a movie directed by skinworXXX’s Joshua and to be distributed by the company’s exclusive distribution partner, Adam & Eve.

Joshua and Vachs met at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas in late August during an after party for the Exotic Dancer Awards.

“When Joshua approached me, I told him exactly what I was looking for, that I wanted to get the most out of every project that I do now,” Vachs said. "Now that I’m a bit wiser, I know I have a lot to offer. Everything I do from this point on in my career will be a marriage of opportunity for all parties involved. I wanted to be a part of something that I could help promote and be a part of long after my sex scenes wrapped.”

Joshua planted the seed with Vachs at the party and consummated the deal shortly thereafter.

“When I saw her, I thought she looked great, incredible,” Joshua told AVN. “I knew her history of great performances and awards. Someone at the party told me she was making a comeback and I immediately wanted to do it big. I knew I could make a great movie with great promotion and publicity in order for her to get the most out of her comeback. When I heard it was eight years, it was a bigger thrill. This is truly an honor for me.”

In Harder, Vachs appears in all five scenes. The high-end, all-sex title features Vachs trapped in a cube as part of a science experiment, and each opening to the cube represents a different sexual experience, each of which gets progressively more hardcore—and Vachs gets put through the gauntlet here. She performs one of her world-famous blowjobs on Eric Masterson, does girl/girl with Adam & Eve contract star Teagan Presley, an interracial scene with Sean Michaels, a boy/girl anal scene with Danny Mountain, and finally, a double-penetration romp with Tommy Gunn and Jack Vegas.

“Being in front of the camera is really hard to explain to someone that never did it. It’s freeing and empowering in a way you can’t really describe,” Vachs said. “We’ve been joking on-set that it’s like riding a bicycle. I know performing so well, its like second nature to me even after being away for eight years. Everyone has been so awesome and welcoming. The whole experience has just been phenomenal so far.”

In the eight years Vachs has been away, the industry’s changed exponentially, but to hear her tell it, there were numerous familiar elements that made Vachs comfortable from the beginning.

“While I was away, I loosely followed the goings on,” she said. “I’ve seen many familiar faces on set today like David Lord, Eric Masterson and Sean Michaels. September Dawn, who I’ve known for a long time, is my agent. I think the biggest difference is that our small, tight-knit family has really grown, and it’s become a lot more cutthroat now.”

One other change Vachs noticed was the mainstreaming of porn. She thinks there was a lot more stigma attached to being in porn at the turn of the century than there is now.

“Porn is so much more widely accepted now than it was then,” she said. “The hardest part of doing porn was how society viewed you. It made it tough sometimes, but now it’s different. My mom didn’t even know I did porn until I stopped performing, but now, I called her today and told her what I was doing.”

Vachs plans on continuing to perform for the right projects, but for now, is focused on Harder—and herself.

“I think the internet took a lot of the value of porn and of filmmaking down a notch,” Vachs said. “I want to make a movie people want to buy and own. I have a lot of pride in what I do, I’m proud of who I am. It took me a while to believe that, but I’m humbled and amazed at the reception I’ve gotten so far. I love my fans and I love the industry. It just feels right to be back. And if it feels right, I know I made this decision for the right reasons. I truly believe that porn is the purest from of artistic expression.”

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