‘Howard Stern Show’ a Bonding Experience for Cherry Pimps Girls

NEW YORK—Cherry Pimps contract girls Megan Rain, Rachele Richey and Abby Lee Brazil appeared on the Howard Stern Show on Tuesday to participate in the popular “Dumber Than a Box of Rocks” segment, where they answered a few questions, missed a few, laughed and bonded in the process.

“When my agent [Derek Hay] told me about the show, he said it was a great opportunity,” Rain said. “He said they were looking for three girls who could have fun with it, and laugh at themselves.”

The segment pits three young porn performers against each other in a game-show format where they answer trivia questions, with the winner taking a $5,000 cash prize.

“I think it went really, really well,” said Richey. Like Rain and Brazil, she is on the LA Direct Models roster in addition to being a Cherry Pimps performer. “All three of might not be very smart when it comes to this trivia, but we had so much fun. We got to come out of our shells a bit, and I think people really got to see our silly side.”

Brazil said people might have expected to see a real sense of competition between the girls, but instead would have been surprised by the support they showed one another.

“After each question we would all look at each other for help to see if we knew the answer,” she said.

The trio responded to questions such as “What countries were involved in the Cold War?” and “Where can you find the larynx?” and were asked to finish phrases, including “To be or not to be …” and “One if by land, two if by …”

In the end, Rain was the smarty pants, answering the most questions correctly. Even though she won the money, Richey and Brazil teased her, saying she needed to take them on a shopping trip.

“Overall, it was a really fun day,” Brazil said. “We got to plug out Twitter accounts, our appearances on Streamate and all of our social media outlets. We couldn’t have our phones on us during the show, but when we finished it was amazing to find out you had 5,000 more followers.

“The cast and crew were amazing, and it was such a good experience overall,” she added.

All three performer do exclusive online content on CherryPimps and Streamate. Find the latest shows and updates by visiting CherryPimps.com and follow them through social media on Twitter @cherrypimps.

Pictured, from left, Megan Rain, Abby Lee Brazil and Rachele Richey