Houston Feels Her Loose Lips Are Sinking Her Ships

Houston, now a brunette, was on Howard Stern Thursday morning to promote her upcoming labia operation which is scheduled to be broadcast on the Internet, April 15 on karasxxx.com.

But that wasn't all. Houston also gave a massage to Kristen, a married woman/teacher with pronounced lesbian tendencies. Stern, of course, continued to rag on Houstons for all the guys she does in the movies, but her personal life as well. Not only did she mention that she's continuing her relationship with Brad, now a college freshman, whom she escorted to his high school prom last summer, Houston also revealed the fact that she's dating the director of Armageddon, Michael Bay. Houston, however, was also quick to point out that they haven't done the deed, yet. She said she took Bay as her date to the AVN awards where she won an award for the Best Selling Tape. "You must have been very proud," Stern commented sarcastically. "You have more awards than him [Bay]."

Stern did a quick size-up of Houston's new physical look.

"You were very chubby," Stern commented quite diplomatically. "What did you do get all the fat sucked out of your head? You're all tan, no ass, no waist. She was getting to be real fat. You look good, now."

Besides the labiaplasty procedure, Stern also brought up the fact that Houston was also getting a breast reduction."Your breasts look a little intense," he said. But Stern was equally adamant about her getting the labia operation. "You noticed your labia were oversized?" he asked. "They're large," she said. "I'm known for having a large labia."

Stern told her to pull her pants down so he could check her lips out. Stern told her she was nuts, that they looked perfectly normal. "You could mess up your private parts," he said. "Honey, those are normal. You're making a mistake."

"I have a guy in Tijuana who's going to put them in paperweights," Houston commented.

"I heard a rumor they're paying you one million dollars to be mutilated," Stern told her. "You don't want to mess with your sexuality."

"They're not going to do anything to my clitoris," Houston protested. "You look beautiful," Stern replied. "Stop it. Come to your senses, woman."

Stern also brought up the subject of the surfboard which has been written about on this site. "Why did you send me a surf board?" Stern wanted to know. "It was for the new show [Son of the Beach]," Houston said. "I threw it right in the garbage," Stern replied. "That thing took up half my office. It's huge. I live in New York City where am I going to surf?

Stern also wanted to know if Houston was yet you a millionmaire from all this work. "I'm getting there," she laughed. When questioned about Brad, Houston wouldn't be specific about the extent of her sexual relationship with him. "You did 500 guys," said Stern. "You can't tell me if you did oral last night?

During the course of conversation Houston also hinted broadly that her, Jasmin St. Claire and Annabel Chong were going to do a threeway gangbang for Metro. [We've placed a call to check that one out.] Houston also mentioned that she will be stripping in Poland and accepting a Best Actress award there.

For those who missed the whys and wherefores of the surfboard story and why Houston's original appearance on the Stern show was cancelled several weeks ago, check the following out: