Had Hot Launch

They spent months testing the idea with rigor, and now it's online - pay-per-view, with 3,000+ titles and an equal bent toward the established and the up-and-coming, National A-1 Internet has announced.

"[We] believe pay-per-view is the future of the Internet," National A-1 said in a statement. "Surfers are tired of recurring billing, cross-sells, repetitive content, and embarrassing scams that have made consumers wary about how they spend their discretionary dollars.

"Customers want to pay as they go and choose what they want to see," the company continued. "The traffic and sales has generated with its current inventory... proves they are on the right track." Package options for viewers now include 360 minutes for $29.95, 240 minutes for $19.95, 120 minutes for $13.95, 60 minutes for $7.95, and 30 minutes for $4.95.

Some of the feature titles now include such as Tawdry Taylor; Officer Shelby; School Days; Cheerleader; Redhead Rides; Let Me See Your Undies 2; Cry Because You Like It; Crouching Hoe, Hidden Slut; Kate's Audition; and, Diana Vessonova, among others.

The company said early sales showed viewers wanting a site offering more than first-run videos. "Viewers want to see amateurs, wild and kinky niche content, and the work of up-and-coming video artists with the potential to become the industry's next hot performers, directors, and studios." And not only are they adding those next-generation people to the inventory, National A-1 said they are on the lookout for more.

And if you're an aspiring performer, director, or videographer, is using, "its user-friendly site for content providers," to submit content. They're also encouraging adult Webmasters to send in the traffic, with the affiliate program giving them a shot at some meaty permanence.

"[We] give Webmasters who direct traffic to the ability to keep these customers for life," they said. "This means that, once a Webmaster sends a customer who makes a purchase, they receive residual income for life."

Known for such adult Websites as,,,, and others, National A-1 is also known for audiotext versatility. And, a broad enough range of interest, if you consider that also offers paths to buying adult toys and novelties, DVDs and VHS productions, erotic clothing and magazines, and more. For more information and especially to get in on the action, contact [email protected].