Homegrown Video Selling Out Big Time

Homegrown Video has now made its entire amateur video collection available in cyberspace. nrnE-shoppers can browse Homegrown's entire 700+ title catalog at the HomegrownStore website, a collection which includes older, harder-to-find Homegrown volumes which date back to the company's creation in 1982. Shoppers can also find popular pro-am and amateur titles from Xplor Media's collection as well as an extensive sex toy collection, Homegrown said. nrn"With over 700 movies, and each movie needing it's own page with photos, the online store was a huge task to complete," said HomegrownStore.com webmistress Stefanie Histed. "The initial response from customers has been great - they can find all of our videos in one place without having to leave their homes. nrn"Since we specialize in mail-order sales, we already have the customer service and shipping system in place to support our online business," she continued. "Orders are received, processed and shipped quickly, which makes our customers really happy."