Guild Cinema Presents 2nd Pornotopia Film Fest

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - Tristan Taormino's AVN award-winning gonzo experiment Chemistry is among the movies scheduled to screen at the second annual Pornotopia Film Festival, Nov. 14-16 at the Guild Cinema.

Pornotopia is programmed by Molly Adler and Matie Fricker, the co-founders and co-owners of Self Serve, a "sex-positive" sex toy shop and resource center in Albuquerque. Festival selections were made with the help of a twenty-member screening committee, with an emphasis on "independent erotic films that celebrate sex in all its fun, healthy, tender, raw, and real beauty."

"Pornotopia is all about a fun and empowering erotic experience," Fricker said. "After the overwhelming success of last year's festival, Molly and I were struck by the need for people to celebrate...It's the core principle behind our store and this festival."

Adler said, "Pornotopia is a celebration of quality erotic film.  It's about exposing people to a genre of film that's quickly dismissed as offensive or, at best, just formulaic.  Matie and I believe this festival provides a great opportunity to be surprised by the movies we've chosen."

Nearly three-quarters of the movies to be screened were produced and directed by women filmmakers. Former Village Voice columnist, author and activist Taormino's Chemistry will be screened on Saturday, November 15 along with Erika Lust's Five Hot Stories for Her and Barcelona Sex Project.

"I'm thrilled that Self Serve chose Chemistry to be a part of this groundbreaking film festival," said Taormino. "It's an honor to be among other erotic filmmakers like Erika Lust and Shine Louise Houston, who are making such incredible movies. It's also really exciting that people will be able to watch Chemistry on the big screen!"

Other notable festival selections include Carlos Batts' Kiss Attack, Anna Biller's Viva, and Maria Beatty's Silken Sleeves. Actress Mink Stole is scheduled to attend a special screening of the John Waters classic Polyester.

On the eve of last year's Pornotopia fest, the City of Albuquerque zoning office threatened to shut down the festival and cite and fine the Guild Theater for adult zoning violations.  The Guild Cinema and Self Serve, with attorneys from the ACLU, met with representatives of City Councilor Rey Garduno, City Zoning, and the City Attorney's office and are "continuing to work towards a mutually satisfying resolution." 

The ACLU of New Mexico "stands by Self Serve and The Guild Cinema and their constitutionally protected right to promote awareness about sexuality without the fear of government censorship or other appraisal."

The Guild Cinema is located at 3405 Central Avenue, NE in Albuquerque.

For tickets and more information, call 505-265-5815 or visit