GA Man Guilty of Sexploitation for Underage Website

A Georgia man has been found guilty of three child porn-related crimes by a federal judge here. His sentencing date, however, was undetermined.

Gary Lee Smith ran an underage model Internet site and was accused of luring underage girls to perform sexually for the camera in Vernon County, Missouri, so he could photograph and distribute those images as child porn. The case began when law enforcement raided his Chicago and Georgia residences in 2001.

Smith waived his right to a jury trial and U.S. District Court Judge Richard Dorr heard testimony and arguments in a two-day trial, according to KYTV News, Springfield's NBC affiliate.

Prosecutors showed evidence that he had pictures of a girl from Vernon County behaving sexually on camera. The girl's parents testified they let Smith photograph her with clothes on but didn't know their daughter had also posed nude, KYTV said.