Fire at Vivid Building

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif.—A fire erupted on the roof of the Vivid Entertainment office complex Saturday night, resulting in some internal damage to the building, but no injuries.

Ted Nonini, an emergency incident technician with the Los Angeles Senior Fire Department, told AVN on the scene that the fire was caused by "what appears to be a faulty torch from a roofing operation that was being conducted earlier today." 

The department was alerted to the fire, Nonini said, at approximitely 7:15 p.m.

Vivid's Marci Hirsch was the first company representative to arrive to the building. After the fire was put out and she'd had a chance to survey the premises, she told AVN, "There's minimal damage ... there's some damage on the roof, there's minimal damage to one of the offices."

Co-chairman Steven Hirsch, who was at a basketball game when he got word of the fire, arrived shortly thereafter to take stock of the situation himself.

"I got the call from a friend of mine who said that he had a friend who was driving by and the building was on fire," Hirsch told AVN after viewing the damage. "So I immediately started calling some of the people who work here ... actually, I started by calling Marci because she lives close, and she came down and she's like, 'I can't even get near the building. There's tons of smoke, I see fire on the roof, and the streets are cordoned off.' So I was like, 'Ugh, I gotta get over there, I gotta get over there.'"

Hirsch reported that the areas of the building affected by the fire included his own office, the lobby, the stairway and a few offices on the third floor.

"It looks like it needs some help," he said. "It needs some help, it needs some work, but hey, nobody got hurt, and that's the most important thing."

Photo by Jeff Mullen.