Evan Seinfeld Creates Sinnergy

SHERMAN OAKS, Calif.—Teravision and Iron Cross Entertainment CEO Evan Seinfeld has formed a new enterprise, Sinnergy Entertainment, offering marketing and multi-media management services for adult industry professionals.

Sinnergy Entertainment will draw upon Seinfeld's seven years of expertise guiding the wild success of Tera Patrick and Teravision to help those in the adult field monetize intellectual property and star power into bankable household names through strong online presence and building a recognizable brand across all media platforms.
“Sinnergy Entertainment will be the first company to handle not only adult performers, but all adult companies that need to become ‘Sinnergized’ to monetize their brand. There are so many revenue streams out there, and it seems that so many people are leaving money all over the table, or don’t even know where to look,” said Seinfeld.
Sinnergy Entertainment will provide consultation and hands-on service to handle every aspect of business, from brokering distribution and mobile content deals, to arranging red carpet events in both the adult and mainstream realms.
“You can plan for tomorrow, but you must be working today on your own future," Seinfeld elaborated. "You can let this business chew you up and spit you out, or you can take it by the balls and squeeze. No one is going to build your career for you, with only your best interest in mind. But, you can do something about it right now, by aligning yourself with career minded management like all of us at Sinnergy Entertainment. Sex is power and power is money. Either you work for it, or you make it work for you.”
Sinnergy Entertainment is now accepting clients in preparation for the annual AVN Adult Entertainment Expo, held in Las Vegas January 7-10, 2010. Sinnergy will present three simultaneous nightclub parties at the Palms Resort and Casino during the AEE weekend. Events for the party night include a site launch party for RockstarPornstar.com hosted by Seinfeld and 20 porn stars at Ghostbar, Joanna Angel and the BurningAngel Girls at the Playboy Club, and an evening of uneasy listening with DJ Z Trip at Rain.
Sponsors and celebrities wishing to work with Sinnergy to promote their brand on the red carpet at these events are encouraged to contact Seinfeld at his Sherman Oaks offices. Seinfeld noted that there are a number of major venues still seeking porn stars and adult companies to host events during AEE.

“Combine the adult and mainstream press exposure of any one of these events, and you can start off your new year with an invaluable boost to your bottom line,” he said.
For information on partnering with Sinnergy Entertainment for the 2010 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo, or for more information on multi-media management services, please call (818) 782-4400.