Digital Playground's <I>No Limits</I> Premiere Draws Adult Crowd

Friday night the adult entertainment community gathered at the Beverly Club to sneak a peak of Digital Playground's latest Nic Andrews' feature No Limits.

The festivities started at 8PM with cocktails and hors d'oeuvres as guest mingled with each other and oggled Digital Playground contract-performers Devon and Jesse Jane, who along with Jessica Drake, star in No Limits.

"The movie basically is about a girl who is very held back inside, very non-sexual, very submissive," Devon told, describing No Limits.

"Her husband wants her to be more sexual and more out there, so he sets up a whole game, something like the Michael Douglas movie, The Game, it’s subtlety based on that," Devon said. " I get kidnapped, I get tied up and gagged, I get a blowtorch put to my face. I jumped off a five-story building into an airbag five times in a row at four in the morning. So hopefully it was worth it. I think it will be."

At 9PM No Limits was screened for the crowd, which included industry notables Andrew Blake, Robbie D., Catalina, Ashley Blue, Max Hardcore, Skeeter Kerkove, Belladonna, and Hershel Savage amongst others.