Dickmans Design Now Offers Multilingual Tours, Extra Benefits

Six-language multilingual tours and more extra benefits are part of the second version of Dickmans Design, released this month. Dickmans Design is an adult Website design and consulting firm.

The six languages are English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portugese, aimed at helping adult sites crack further into the European market. The new version also includes a third-party geo-targeting tool that sends surfers automatically to the correct tour version with very high accuracy, according to Dickmans Design Chief Executive Officer Bruno Dickman.

"The tours are translated by a multicultural staff to ensure we reach the target audience on the right spot," Dickman said. "This multilingual design solution will help our clients to boost their sales worldwide."

The design company has partnered up with "many reputable players in the industry" to offer client discounts on content, pay site plug-ins, hosting, and payment processing, Dickman continued. "We decided to make our clients even happier, giving them discounts on products and services from other solid companies, instead of making some quick referral money," he said. "Long-term relationships are what we look for, and offering our clients extra benefits can only help us to achieve that goal."

Dickmans Design has also launched an ad campaign on Xbiz.com and the Porno Junkies message and chat board. The slogan: "We Get Inside Your Surfer's Mind."

"We are ready to rock and roll," said Dickman Creative Directore Mike Dickman. "Our team is consistent and can work very fast. If you are looking for the highest ROI, jump in and welcome aboard."

For more information, visit Dickmans Design on the Web.