'Deeper Throat' Episode 5: Hirsch Blows His Stack

LOS ANGELES - This week's episode of "Deeper Throat" promises a must-see moment, as Vivid boss Steve Hirsch explodes in a rare fit of rage at the antics of Arrow Productions promo man Robert Interlandi.

Airing Saturday night at 11:30 on Showtime, the fifth installment of the World of Wonder mini-series captures the fireworks as Interlandi heats up the ordinarily cool Hirsch to "a total meltdown".

"In 25 years of producing movies, I've never seen anything like this," Hirsch said. "He's a V.P. of Production in name only, as he hasn't produced anything, and we're trying to operate a business, not play games."

On the subject of playing games, Interlandi told AVN he challenged Hirsch to a boxing match during the reality TV shoot...but Hirsch "pussed out".

Vivid production manager Shylar Cobi admitted in another AVN interview that "all reality TV is bullshit," shattering staff illusions about the veracity of Bret Michaels' Rock of Love Tour Bus. But the animosity between Hirsch and Interlandi is the real deal, according to off-the-record comments from both camps.

Arrow is suing Vivid for breach of contract and copyright infringement over Throat: A Cautionary Tale, the movie that forms the focus of the series.

Maybe they'll end up on "Judge Judy".