Dana DeArmond Added as Urban X Awards Co-Host

HOLLYWOOD — "The Internet's Girlfriend," Dana DeArmond, has been announced as a third co-host alongside Mr. Marcus and Roxy Reynolds for the second annual Urban X Awards, taking place Sunday, July 26 at Boulevard 3 Nightclub.

In the running for Best Interracial Star at the ceremony, DeArmond told AVN, "Black dudes like me, I guess. It's very exciting. As far as niches go, I'm not really a MILF or a big tit girl, so I guess people kind of hone in on my interracial stuff that I do. That's what I'm known for. That and sticking stuff in my ass. I'm sure when they have the ass awards, I'll be asked to host that, too."

DeArmond said she was approached to co-host the show by Giana Taylor.

"The Urban X Awards are a good time," DeArmond said. "I'm really glad I was asked. In the other award shows, people don't think, 'Oh, Dana DeArmond!' because I'm a quirky, offbeat person. So I'm glad they asked me, because it means they like me, and I'm a friend of theirs."

Voting is open until Thursday to fans at www.urbanxawards.com/nominations.html. The event is open to the public, and tickets are available at the official website or www.wantickets.com.