Offers Jets Football Coach Free Booth at AEE

LOS ANGELES—New York Jets football coach Rex Ryan is known as being a defensive guru and giving great sound bites. Now, if published reports are to be believed, we also have discovered that Ryan has an obsessive foot fetish.

Rumors swirled yesterday after a post on the sports blog that the garrulous football coach’s wife, Michelle Ryan, starred in homemade foot fetish videos, allegedly filmed by Rex and posted online under the user name “ihaveprettyfeet.”

The report contains numerous embedded videos of "ihaveprettyfeet"'s tantalizing tootsies. 

The Michelle Ryan lookalike is never naked, but the videos clearly show off her feet in various shoes, stockings, socks or simply bare. Many viewers and media outlets (including this reporter, an avid football fan) have observed that the cameraman’s voice sounds eerily similar to that of Rex Ryan., which boasts about having the biggest fetish clip store online, has extended the couple a $10,000 offer to appear and sign autographs at their own booth at the 2011 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo. The website even has offered to paint the booth green and white in honor of Rex’s football team.

“We are very impressed with your camera work Rex, you’ve proven that not only are you one hell of a football coach, but you are even a better director,”’s Neil O. wrote to Rex in a letter obtained by TMZ. You are the ‘Tarantino of Tootsies!’ Your videos are so professionally shot that we’d love for you and your lovely wife to take a look within our members area of our site. You will find that there are many foot fetish stores in there that make thousands of dollars per day, and we truly believe your wife Michelle can be the biggest foot model in here!”

The similarities between the woman in the video and Michelle Ryan go even deeper than physical traits. unearthed the “ihaveprettyfeet” profile on a foot fetish dating website and the two share numerous personal similarities.

“ihaveprettyfeet” lists her location as Ellicot City, Md., a city that the Ryans lived in when he was an assistant coach with the Baltimore Ravens. Other similarities include the same astrological sign, height, occupation and her status as “married with kids.”   

The normally jovial Ryan held a regularly scheduled press conference today, but immediately clammed up when asked about his wife’s alleged foot fetish videos calling it a personal matter that he refused to discuss.

"I understand I'm going to get asked this question frontways, sideways, backways and every other way," he said. "It is a personal matter."

There’s been no word from Ryan’s camp on’s offer. It would seem unlikely for the Ryans to attend, however. With the Jets on the verge of making the playoffs, the team would play its first round game on Jan. 8 or 9—the weekend of AEE.