Chanel St. James: 'Possessed & Undressed'

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Former Club Jenna contract director DCypher channels some old Hollywood spirits in new porn thriller Possessed & Undressed, starring Chanel St. James and due out from CJ/Vivid Entertainment April 15.

"It's a horror movie," DCypher told AVN. "It tells the unique story of a guy that got involved in Tinseltown and the rise and growth of Hollywood and Beverly Hills, and made a number of really bad investment decisions right before the Great Depression and the stock market crash, and was so distraught by what happened that he ended up hanging himself. And his wife ended up committing suicide later on, as well, and that was Chanel.

"And then it dissolves to modern day, and we have a team of ghost hunters who go to spend the night there," the director continued. "They are making a reality show about their adventures where they go from house to house trying to figure out where real hauntings happen. And Chanel begins to haunt them one after the other, sleeping with the guys in ghost form and possessing girls to cause them to sleep with the other guys, and then she starts knocking them off one at a time, or having them knock each other off. The ghost of Chanel enacts her revenge for them coming into her house."

The supporting cast of 'Possessed and Undressed' includes Brooke Haven, Lisa Daniels, Lindsey Meadows, Hollie Stevens, Eric Masterson, Jean Val Jean, Justice Young, T.J. Cummings and Nick Manning.
"It's very interesting how it came together," DCypher said. "I actually spent a lot of time researching the history of Beverly Hills and the Native American culture around it, and the rise and fall of Hollywood inside that period before it got taken over. So I think it came together rather well, plus the sex scenes were really solid. Chanel did an incredible scene with Jean Val Jean - that's worth seeing the movie alone for. In the introduction, we had Eric Masterson tear apart Lindsey Meadows, phenomenal scene. And Justice Young did one of his first scenes for me with Chanel, and just fuckin' beat her death with his wiffle ball bat. His fleshy wiffle ball bat."

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