Carter Cruise Back in 'Control' With ABP Contract Debut

LOS ANGELES—The ever-formidable Carter Cruise ends a self-imposed six-month break from new triple-X material with her debut as Axel Braun Productions' third contract star in the showcase Cruise Control, due out May 11 from Wicked Pictures.

"This is 100 percent pure, unadulterated Carter, and it's pretty fucking awesome," director Braun said. "Her fantasies, her desires, what makes her tick ... she let it all out and took it all in. There really isn't another performer in the industry right now with her level of sheer sensuality, charisma and intensity, and it's all here in this movie."

The movie places Cruise in a girl/girl face-off with ABP contract sister Aiden Ashley, a three-way with Wicked Girl Asa Akira and porn veteran Steve Holmes, a double penetration scene with Tommy Gunn and John Strong, and a one-on-one with Gunn.

Commented Cruise herself, "Filming Cruise Control was pretty intense, because I hadn't shot for a few months—or even had sex, to be honest. The first day was like starting porn or losing my virginity all over again. I'm like, 'Wait, is my asshole ready for this?' But then I remembered I'm awesome at sex, and crushed the scenes. I'm joking ... well, not entirely.

"The scenes turned out really awesome and I know people are gonna love this movie," she continued. "It explores different types of control during sex, which I've always been interested in, and I got to experiment with completely different roles all in one movie. It's so different from any other showcase I've done, and Axel is boss as fuck, so I'm pretty excited to see how the fans react to it."

Elaborating on the sex scenes, Cruise offered, "I was totally stoked to finally work with Steve Holmes and Asa Akira, and I loved the d.p. scene with Tommy and John Strong because I had forgotten how good it feels ... I could barely walk after and was talking complete nonsense. I think that was my favorite one, esepcially because it was actually so dirty where we filmed, which is always fun. But then again, Aiden Ashley is my bae, so maybe that was my favorite. I don't know! Maybe they're all my favorites! Just watch it and tell me which one you liked best."

To view the safe-for-work trailer and other promotional materials for Cruise Control, click here.

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