Capri Anderson Turns 'Runaway' in Latest Vivid Vehicle

LOS ANGELES—Vivid Entertainment contract star Capri Anderson's newest headlining release for the studio, Runaway, is now available online and arrives in stores Tuesday, Sept. 13.

In Runaway, the Vivid Girl plays Amy, who receives a card on her 18th birthday from her real father after having no contact with him her entire life, left to be raised by a deficient mother a schizo-pervert stepfather. She decides to go on a mission to find him, and enters a kinky and sex-filled adventure along the way.

An early review on said, "Runaway is an exceptional production from Vivid, [director] B. Skow and [writer] David Stanley that centers around Capri Anderson as a young woman who—after finding out that her mother (Lisa Ann) has lied to her about her father—goes on a quest to find him ... the storyline remains both coherent and strong througout ... the sex is also excellent and well captured. This is most definitely a worthy release."

Anderson herself noted, "When something or someone important in your life is missing, it's amazing what adventures you can experience to help fill this gap. I was consumed with how Amy felt and I think viewers will see that."