Cal Exotics' Packaging to Include Ingredients

California Exotic Novelties issued a statement this week in response to the recent flood of media about the possibility of sex toys being toxic. In the statement, the adult novelty manufacturer announced plans to list the ingredients of their sex toys on all future product packaging.

"Cal Exotics has always, and continues to remain steadfast in our commitment to provide safe products to our customers," said Al Bloom, Director of Marketing. "We rely on actual scientific studies when determining what materials are used in our products. We use the best manufacturing facilities in the world and are satisfied that there is no use of any toxic substances or materials that may have an adverse effect on consumers."

Bloom went on to explain how he felt some companies who manufacture or deal solely in phthalate-free products are using the media hype to exploit less informed consumers.

"Just because it has the word phthalates doesn't mean that it's toxic," Bloom continued. "I've been scouring the earth, reading everything I can possibly find, and there's absolutely no truth about sex toys causing humans cancer. The cancer was in lab rats that were eating truck-size loads of phthalates, so unless you're eating your dildos, I think you're safe."

To further their commitment to addressing any and all health and safety concerns, Cal Exotics has compiled a complete list of phthalate-free products in their line. A copy of the list can be requested via email to [email protected].

In addition to their plans for all future product packaging, Cal Exotics is currently re-designing the packaging of all products that debuted in January at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas. All new products and packaging will be clearly labeled as to the materials used and any other attributes to help the consumer make an informed choice.

To view a copy of the formal statement issued by Cal Exotics on March 20, 2007 click here.