Ava Vincent

The new and incredibly improved Ava Vincent [the actress formerly known as Jewel Valmot] said the Adam & Eve/Ultimate Flawless shoot in which she had the lead role last week was "wonderful".

"I can't wait for it to come out," she added. There was a lot of special effects, a lot of good acting in it. Joey Ray was my co-star. He's a new guy, Italian, good-looking, wonderful to work with. It was basically like Entrapment except a little more simplified, and, obviously, a bit shorter but sexier."

Vincent says she's been very active lately and explains her new look, thusly. "I was slowly, lightening my hair over time. It got pretty light. I like blond hair better with me. Then I lost about 15 pounds. I hadn't noticed I lost weight, but I was doing the Dr. Atkins diet.

Vincent said she was scheduled to shoot a catfight tape Saturday. "The girl I'm scheduled to work with just graduated the police academy," Vincent smiled.