At Vivid, Celebrities Continue to Be the Name of the Game

LOS ANGELES—As most who follow adult movie production are aware, DVD sales are down across the board, with a growing percentage of adult entertainment fans accessing their sexually explicit material online—so it's hardly surprising that Vivid Entertainment Group's VividTV has become one of the company's major focal points. And it should also be clear that one of VividTV's most saleable products is its celebrity sex tapes, in part because the general public can't seem to get enough of them.

With that in mind, Vivid, in partnership with the adult review site, regularly polls its fans to see which celebs they'd like to watch "doing the nasty"—and the latest winner is the nation's most famous transsexual, Caitlyn Jenner, who took a whopping 93 percent of the vote, with many of those polled stating that they believe that Jenner would "feel more like a woman" if she accepted the offer Vivid seems prepared to make.

"Making an adult film might be something for her to seriously consider," said Vivid head Steven Hirsch. "Vivid has worked with a number of transgender performers and they had a very satisfying, positive experience. We would certainly be open to talking to Caitlyn about the possibility."

According to the poll, the majority of voters (58 percent) said that they would prefer to see Caitlyn in a threesome with another man and another woman, more than double those who wanted to see her star with a male (25.8 percent). Relatively few (9.7 percent) want to see her appear with a woman and even fewer want to see her perform solo (6.5 percent). As for the type of movie, just over half (53 percent) said that they would prefer to see Caitlyn perform in a straight sex movie rather than in a feature with a storyline.  As far as costumes are concerned, lingerie was the far and away the top choice for Caitlyn (77.4 percent) and the nearest other type outfit was a bikini (9.7 percent).

But while Jenner hopefully mulls over the prospect of displaying her newly revealed sexuality for the adult world to see, Vivid is moving forward on other fronts as well, at least two of which involve featured players from the MTV series Teen Mom, which earlier provided one of Vivid's most successful releases, Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom, starring Season 1's Farrah Abraham and well-known porn stud James Deen. Vivid is currently in negotiations to release one Season 3 star's existing footage even as it tries to interest another player, this one from Season 2, by dangling a reported $1.5 million in front of her for her on-camera cherry.

According to an article on, Mackenzie McKee, who's just dropped what says might be "the hottest single of 2015"—"The Sweetest Treat," a rap song about diabetes, from which McKee suffers—is aware that Vivid has in its possession a hardcore sex tape of McKee and a partner (possibly husband Josh) ... and she's apparently not too happy about it.

"TMZ obtained a letter Mackenzie's lawyer fired off to the porn giant, acknowledging there's a tape but warning it will remain private, or else," the celebrity gossip site reported. "It's unclear how Vivid got hold of the tape, but here's what is clear: the only way Vivid can release the video is if she signs off, and her lawyer has given Vivid 10 days to declare its intentions." Since the date of the letter wasn't mentioned, it's unclear when those 10 days will be up, but according to Vivid VP Marci Hirsch, "We hopefully will be meeting with her soon to discuss the situation. There is very little we can say right now."

But even with McKee's tape in hand, Vivid also began pursuing Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans with an offer similar to that which Abraham had accepted—but according to the website The Ashley, Evans turned them down.

"I told my lawyer to respond for me and say, 'No thank you, not interested but flattered,'" the 'Teen Mom' told The Ashley on July 2. "My future and reputation is more important than gaining a quick buck, and it’s against my morals as a person. That’s just so disrespectful to yourself." (To each her own...)

"We approached Jenelle Evans as we believe a sex tape with her would be a huge success," Marci Hirsch confirmed to AVN. "She's currently not interested but we'll see what the future brings."

But if the past is any indication, what with the decade-long lifespan of High Society magazine spin-off Celebrity Skin, not to mention the still-being-published Celebrity Sleuth and top-rated website Mr. Skin, there's definitely money to be made from mainstream celebrities willing to demonstrate their sexual prowess on camera.

Pictured, l-r: Mackenzie McKee, Caitlyn Jenner, Jenelle Evans.