Webmasters Given Breaks Over Disruptions

If you're an Webmaster who experienced disruptions last week with, the company says you deserve a break and you're going to get one: $70 per signup on all Wild Girl Site trials April 1-2 and again on April 15-16, nearly double the normal $40-a-signup rate.

That goes with the more than seventy hosted movie galleries for affiliates to link by way of the Galleries link on, said.

The disruptions came thanks to moving their datacenters, according to company spokesman Lens. They also moved statistics servers for the AmateurMoney text link program, bringing it to "the same flawless in-house stats that have been running on the Click Pic Program" since last June.

AmateurMoney, incidentally, is still the same 3 cents a click-through from simple text links with simple rules and no conversion ratios. For more on that or to get further information on any programs, contact [email protected] or visit on the Web.