AVN Awards Announces New Trophy Design for 2013

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—AVN Media Network is pleased to announce that as part of the celebration of its 30th anniversary, it will be debuting a new design for the trophies handed out at the 2013 AVN Awards.

The trophy design concept was created by Michael Krasun, founder and president of RandomScrew.com, and supervised by AVN CEO Theo Sapoutzis.

"The award is a true piece of art we are going to reveal during our awards show ceremony," Sapoutzis said. "I'm extremely pleased with Michael's work and excited to share with the rest of the world really soon."

Conversations between Krasun and Sapoutzis about the trophy redesign began last October with Sapoutzis wishing to create a new, unique design for the most important trophy in the adult entertainment industry.

Krasun has 25-plus years experience in designing, fabricating and building some of the most famous and exotic restaurants, nightclubs, airport facilities and theme fixtures around the globe. He offered to produce a design that would take the award to a new level of recognition and pride for not only those receiving them but to all of those in the industry.

And so the plan was set in motion to design an award that would be the new AVN Award, not only for the 30th anniversary show in 2013, but going forward as the official AVN Award to always be recognized as the new signature of achievement in the industry.

After initial sketches were done by Krasun, and approved by AVN, several sculptors were tasked with producing sample mock-ups. Although the final design was a combination of several sample sculptings, the final model for production was modified to a great extent by the casting house to meet AVN's final approval.
The overall design and theme for the award was to create a very high-quality statue that portrayed sexual expression, integrity and exotic flair that truly represented the people earning these awards.

To achieve that expression, the award is a new-age contemporary casting, showing two people in a very erotic embrace, yet without any explicit details of the bodies on display.

Each statue is hand-poured, made of a custom mix including 40 percent resin and 60 percent ground marble, which accounts for the surprising weight and might of the award. The final finish is an applied epoxy coat with bronze powders mixed into the formula. In addition to the figurine, there is a solid black stone base that has each and every individual award winner's name and accomplishment engraved into the front side. The entire project, its design and fabrication were all done in the USA.
In addition to the actual trophies, AVN will be displaying a life sized, six-foot-tall model of the new AVN Award at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo. This was also designed and fabricated in the USA.

The Random Screw operation has an interesting story itself. In 2005, Krasun was in his vice president's office at his design and construction firm when he asked her about the new furniture he just bought her. When she responded, "I love it … except for the occasional random screw I see laying on the floor," Krasun thought there was not a chance that those words were available as a dot-com name. Five minutes later he owned the name, and two hours later he owned 50-plus similar names. Now eight years later, the RandomScrew.com domain houses a social introduction, dating and lifestyle site.